Solved: Why Does My Instagram Keep Logging Me Out?

These days, 3 out of 10 Instagram users have one question: Why Does Instagram keep logging me out? If you are on the hunt for its answer, then you have landed at the right place. When you f to find it hard to access your account, it signals a red alarm all around you. It’s the point when you assume that your account has been compromised.

 Another guess you have in your mind is that some other person has access to your account and has changed all the information. As you are maintaining an Instagram account for quite some time and flourishing it with content and video, it’s okay to go under stress. However, no need to fret anymore because I have found a solution to the question, “Instagram logged me out, and I can’t get back in.” In this post, Social Followers UK will tell you three different ways to deal with this common problem. 

What are Instagram Logging Problems?

When you are login in from your account and all of a sudden, you log out and redirect to the login page again, and then it’s a logging problem with the Instagram application.

Sometimes, users come across this situation while uploading media content while other times, he logged out from the system while exploring the application.

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Why does Instagram keep logging me out 2020

Instagram is the sixth widely used social media platform all around the globe. Developers of Instagram keep changing algorithms to deal with technical issues and make this application more secure and safe. Sometimes, when you think that Instagram logged me out and deleted my account, a system-wide update is probably up and running. 

According to Instagram, people were getting an error message repeatedly because of a bug- which has been fixed. However, if you are still getting the log out of your Instagram and redirect back to the login page, then here are some possible reasons. 

Users access Instagram from many different devices; sometimes, they change passwords at one device. Due to that, they encounter this situation and wonder why Instagram logged me out of 2020.

There might be a problem with your current version of the Instagram application.

As you have been using Instagram for entirely, therefore your browser’s Cache must be cleared. 

Sometimes, you are uploading content and video, and your account log out. As this operation doesn’t compete and still in the processing phase, you have to deal with Instagram logging out of the issue. 

No matter what the reason for the Instagram log out a loop, I will provide a quick and straightforward solution. 

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Solution: Instagram keeps kicking me out on Android

If you are running an application on the Android operating system and you keep coming back to log in, you need to follow some steps.

  • Go to Settings and find “Apps.”
  • In your list of applications, locate Instagram.
  • Tap on the Instagram application and then click on storage.
  • Tap on Clear Cache

And that’s it -no need to do anything else. Hopefully, this quick history cleaning method would help you stay logged in to your Instagram without facing kick out the issue.

Solution: Instagram keeps locking me out on iPhone 

One of the main reasons for facing iPhone’s logging issues is that your application cache isn’t clear. Here is how you can solve this issue.

  • First, go to Settings, Tap on the General option, and choose iPhone storage.
  • Find the application of Instagram in the storage and tap on it.
  • Click on the Offload app and clear your cookies.
  • Restart your Instagram application.

If you think that this method will cause any damage to your phone, then you should know that your app data won’t be removed or deleted. This method aims to clear the Cache and leave you with clean cookies to start your application. You can restart your phone and start using this application to make sure that everything is working fine. Try login in and check whether Instagram logs you out or not.

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Solution No.2 

In case the above method doesn’t work out as a solution to the question “why does Instagram keep locking my account,” then here are some other techniques to try.

  • Restart your modem and let it get connected to the internet. 
  • Delete your Instagram application and install it again.


You can try this solution for both iOS and Android devices, and it will work because sometimes the main issue behind the logging problem is that your application has some bugs. By deleting current version applications and reinstalling new ones will prove helpful.

Solution No.3

Instagram users often log in from multiple devices. And therefore, they usually have a question, “Instagram logged me out for unusual activity.” So, there is a possibility that someone from your family might use your account from another account, or it might be you. It’s not always the third-party, so before you start panicking, make sure to ask your family and friends- maybe someone is trying to surprise you with pranks.


In that case, you don’t have to do much. Grab all your devices from where you have logged in to the same account and then start logging out from all of them. Once you know that you have been logged out, then restart your application and login in again. Hopefully, this time you will stay logged in for a long time, and the application won’t kick you out from the portal.

Wrap up

Finally, you have got three different solutions to the problem, “Why does my Instagram keep logging me out.”

The first thing to do is to clear your Cache. As your cache space is filled over time, you hardly face any issue once you clean cache and history.

The second is to restart your modem and delete your Instagram application. Re-installation will help you get a new version of the app- where you probably won’t have to deal with Instagram logged out of the loop.

Last but not least, logged out from all your devices and then login back in.

In case you have tried all three methods but still face the issue, I suggest you contact the customer care center. Instagram help center might offer you the right guidance.


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